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Measuring the refractive index of a faceted gemstone with a value higher than 1.81 used to be impossible or very difficult, because the standard refractometer has a  max. range of 1.81.

Once the synthetic moissanite got on the market the jeweller got a new problem to distinguish diamant from synthetic moissanite because these two stones gave the same reaction with a diamondtester based on the thermal conductibility

The GEMMETER is a very accurate instrument to check a big parcel of faceted gemstones very fast. 
For exemple a parcel of rubies mixed with garnets or glass simulants, or a parcel aquamarine gemstones mixed with blue topaze, etc...

The GEMMETER is a brand new and useful instrument. 

Untill now the gemmological refractometer was the primary and one of the most powerful tools in gemstone identification. A typical refractometer will measure the refractive index of faceted stones, transparent to near opaque, whether loose or mounted up to an R.I. value of 1.81.


The GEMMETER works as digital infrared instrument with 2 x 16 points LCD display for meter-reading of the refractive index up to R.I. 3.094.


The GEMMETER can be used for a refractive index between 1.270 and 3.094


No use of refractive index liquid is necessary. You only need a faceted gemstone with a good polished surface of min. 2 mm


The applied infrared polarizing filter provides a precise measurement of birefringence in the same order of magnitude than the R.I. A microprocessor searches in a data base for all gemstones within comparable values of the measured R.I. and birefringence.


The GEMMETER works with a 9 Volt battery. This new instrument was designed in compact size of 8 x 15 x 3 cm, also for gem buying trips.


The Database is in English or German, other languages are available on request.

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