On this page we would like to introduce you to some musea that are worth visiting, according to gemstones. With a short comment every time, we will try to show you why each collection is important.

If you visited a gemstone museum somewhere around the world, feel free to share your experiences with us, byt sending us an e-mail!









The Diamondmuseum in Bruges is a very educational oriented museum where a clear view is given on the history of diamondcutting.. On request, the visitor is shown how a diamond is faceted. The whole explanation is very educational. The ideal way of combining a historic city with a historic museum.



In this diamondcity you just have to have a diamondmuseum. The renovated museum has a big collection of beautiful diamonds. The only comment we can give is that the educational character could be much better














The " Deutsche Edelsteinmuseum", situated in the citypart Idar, is the most beautiful, most complete gemstone museum in Europe. Not only does it have exceptional and very beautiful gemstones, but it also has a historic view on the development of synthetic gemstones and a few wonderful examples of the craftwork of gemstone engravers from Idar-Oberstein and surroundings


The " Museum of Idar-Oberstein" (formerly know as the Heimatmuseum) is situated in the citypart Oberstein. It is a museum with a very beautiful collection of minerals and rough gemstones. In the basement of the museum there is a interesting collection of engraved objects, such as animalfigures, cameos, intaglios,  etc., as well as objects created by local craftsmen



This famous "Naturhistorisches Museum Wien" or "Natural History Museum Vienna" in Vienna exhibit in five splendid halls a big collection of minerals and gemstones The museum was built under Emperor Franz Joseph I and opened in 1889..








Foz do Iguaçu

This museum is still being build, but it's very promising. It's situated near one of the most
beautiful world heritage sites, the amazing waterfalls of Iguaçu