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Synthetic tourmaline

Synthetic tourmaline discovered on the market !!!

See information from ISG


Vaaldiam finds 33 kimberlites on Brazilian property

[AFNS] TORONTO, CANADA, February 8, 2005 – Vaaldiam Resources Ltd said it has discovered another kimberlite body on its 176,000 hectare diamond property in Rondônia, Brazil, thereby increasing the total number of kimberlites discovered to date to thirty-three. Fifteen of the pipes found so far are diamondiferous, said Dr. Luiz Bizzi, Vaaldiam's chief diamond consultant.

Vaaldiam said its geologists report that a bulldozer building a road exposed several outcrops of kimberlite, dubbed “Clara 2.” The find is about 300 meters southeast of the previously discovered “Tumeleiro 3” kimberlite. Five other “targets” the firm has found may be undiscovered kimberlite pipes and remain to be tested during the current exploration campaign, the company said.

Vaaldiam shares are publicly traded on the Toronto Stock Exchange.

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