Photo gallery of synthetic gemstones or imitations

Humankind has always tried to imitate nature.  Also gemstones have been "bred" in labs.  Sometimes synthetic gemstones can be a good replacement, and they are barely to be kept apart from their natural brothers and sisters, but sadly enough some people with bad intentions try to make advantage of others that don't know that much about it, or even professionals

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CORUNDUM synthetic

Gas bubbles following the curved growthlines in a violet synthetic corundum (Verneuil).

This stone was sold as amethyst gemstone

DIAMOND synthetic

A black metallic inclusion in a Chatham synthetic diamond

QUARTZ synthetic

These 3 green synthetic quartz faceted gemstones were sold as green beryl gemstones.


Commercial name is "Goldfluss" or "Muranoglass"

In fact artificial glass with inclusions of copper crystals


Detail of previous picture

Different synthetic emeralds seen with a scanner

Artificial glass

Artificial glass sold as obsidian

Artificial glass

Radial shaped balls consisting of very fine needles caused by devitrification

Artificial glass

Big collection of needles and stars (devitrification)

Artificial glass

One single star devitrification in glass

Artificial glass

Star shaped crystals and single crystals with brush shaped ends